Adding shutters provides a versatile and stylish option to open or enclose your outdoor area, control light/sun/wind/rain, give privacy over a window or door or merely enhance the look of your home or building.

Bi-folding shutters:

A bi-folding shutter system can be tailored to suit your needs and the environment.

Features and benefits:

  • Elegantly open and close large openings
    used internally or externally, spaces can be divided. When fully opened our door panels concertina-stack to take up minimum space
  • Protects windows, openings and glazed facades
    increasing privacy, improving security and naturally controlling room temperature
  • Features discreet locking mechanisms
    to increase security on your property
  • Adds contemporary elegance to your property
    choose any colour you wish for the perfect durable finish
  • Shutters come as:
    • Sliding doors
    • Window panels
    • Bi-folding doors
    • Wall mounted panels
    • Hinged shutter panels
  • Shutters are configurable as:
    • Fully opening blades
    • Fixed blades set at your ideal pitch

Shutter design:

Made from Industrial strength nylon moving parts the slim-line opening handles recess into the panel when the louvre blades are in the closed position. Compact running tracks allow multiple panels to pass with as little as 7mm clearance.

Kudos Titan Opening Roof Louvre